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Request execution

Fields mandatory for filling in are marked with the sign "V".

  1. One should choose "ЮЛ".
  2. IYour client number consisting of 10 figures should be indicated in field "Number of the Customer".
  3. Field "Customer's name" is for specifying of the legal entity’s name.
  4. "Payer’s number" and "Payer’s name" = "Customer’s number" and "Customer’s name".
  5. "The request is completed by" - full name should be mentioned.
  6. Telephone number is to be indicated in the international format +375 29 111 11 11.
  7. "Service". DPD in Belarus performs 4 types of services: DPD 18:00 – express delivery across Belarus and DPD Economy Customs Union – delivery to Russia and Kazakhstan, and also DPD Online CLASSIC - non-urgent land delivery across Belarus and the countries of the Customs Union.
  8. "Options". Choose from the following options: return of sender’s documents, unloading of cargoes upon delivery, temperature conditions etc.
  9. "Parcel’s acceptance date" - should be specified in format e.g.: May 31, 2012 should be entered as "31.05.2012".
  10. "Acceptance and delivery intervals": acceptance of parcels to 13.00, after 13.00 and all day long.
  11. "Delivery option": door or terminal to door or terminal.
  12. "Form of payment": DPD in Belarus accepts only non-cash payments from legal entities.

Section "Recipient" is analogues to section "Sender".

ATTENTION!!! In sections "Sender" and "Recipient" an actual address of the Sender (Recipient) should be mentioned. During acceptance/delivery of the cargo the courier shall be governed by the information from the request.

Automatic system of ordering.

You should fill in the request form aand send it to our e-mail order_by@dpd .by.

PLEASE NOTE!!! subject of your e-mail should be dpd1.

If the request form is filled in correctly an auto-reply will be sent to you confirming that the order has been registered with reference number (order’s reference number shall be indicated). If the request form lacks some information you will receive explanation of the mistake and corrections necessary to be made.

Attention! Only enquires, questions, suggestions can be sent to the e-mail [email protected] while request forms with the use of a new form (obligatory) should be sent to the e-mail [email protected].

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