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Consignment note is used to control transfer of goods during their delivery by means of vehicles (car), payments for their transportation and records of the performed transportation.

Details about the participants of transportation are obligatory for filling in. Pay attention please that DPD Bel FLLC (IOOO “DPD Bel”) should be filled in as the customer.

Data about the driver are to be provided by the operator. Consignment note can be prepared without details about the driver; these details will be filled in by the courier during cargo acceptance.

Consignment note (TTH-1) should be completed by the sender in four copies:

  • the first, the third and the fourth copies are to be transferred to the person accepting the cargo for delivery; meanwhile the first copy is completed for the recipient of the cargo;
  • the second copy shall be issued to the Sender;
  • the third and the fourth copies shall be issued to the carrier.