Your delivery experts

Mission and corporate values

Thanks to highly skilled employees of our company and the developed corporate culture we should become the first and the basic assistant for our clients in the field of logistic services, as well as at execution of delivery of cargoes and parcels across the whole territory of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

We aspire to remain always at high level in the transport and logistic market and to be the company of which its employees can be proud and to which the clients can trust.

  • Trust: building and maintaining relationship based on trust and respect to colleagues, customers, company partners and to the entire business community.
  • Openness: openness in social and business dealings, in providing informationin transparency in conducting business compliance with all legal and regulatory provisions and rules.
  • Team spirit: focusing on common goals rather than on personal interests, readiness for help, mutual assistance and compromise conscious acceptance of corporate rules, standards and values and commitment thereto.
  • Responsibility: timely, complete and accurate fulfillment of commitments and assigned tasks, effective delegation of authority.
  • Initiative: proactivity in constructive proposals aimed at business process improvements, open-mindedness to positive changes.