Delivery on the coordinated date

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Delivery on the coordinated date

DPD in Belarus suggests to use the option "Delivery on the Coordinated Date" which gives the chance to the Recipient to change date of delivery, having contacted specialists with clients of DPD in Belarus, but not earlier than the terms specified in the Tariff card of the corresponding service, and to the Client to choose the maximum value of settlement date of the planned delivery as date of delivery, obligatory to execution.

After receipt of a parcel the SMS notice of date of delivery comes to the terminal of delivery to the recipient. The recipient can change day voluntarily, previously having contacted by phone employees of DPD. This ideal decision for Online stores and those senders, at which rather big list of recipients.

You can choose two levels of this service:

Basic level (free):

In the framework of selecting the exact date of delivery of Dispatch will be determined upon the institution of the order in accordance with the standard terms of delivery for the service. Early delivery is not made.

A high level (for a fee):

Compared to the Base level, adds the call to the Recipient an employee of the customer service Department, after receipt of the last package of the shipment to the destination terminal. To standard delivery time adds a day to be agreed with Recipient delivery options. Option can be provided on an ongoing basis, subject to additional approval.