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Proof of delivery

The option "Confirmation on Delivery" provides to the person specified by the Client, an electronic skankopiya of Laid on DPD with the signature of the Recipient.

  1. If you need to get information about your delivery, we offer you free access to interactive tools in the MyDPD.
  2. For your convenience, we report to you numbers of your orders, so that you can receive information about delivery from the MyDPD. To do this, you only need to request an email about your order during its placement, and you can also request a regular obtaining of numbers of all your orders. We would send information concerning the numbers of your orders to your email address. These services are provided for free.
  3. When placing an application you can order the e-mail confirmation of delivery of your parcel or cargo: delivery notification will be sent to your email address. You can also order the regular receipt of electronic messages about the delivery. These services are provided for free.
  4. For an additional fee by your inquiry we provide confirmation on delivery (the copy of laid on DPD with the signature of the recipient) on the services DPD 18:00, and DPD ECONOMY.